Summer Session 2014 Week 12 – Miserable | SOSstudio

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SOS: What were your main influences for writing this song?
BL: “Miserable” was the first song I wrote with happy music and not so happy lyrics. I got tired of trying to write the sad, slow stuff. The song plays to the feeling someone gets when they love someone who is only using them for something else, but they keep staying in it, for any number of reasons. They can’t seem to let go, even though they want to.

SOS: Has this idea been in your head for a while or did you think it up especially for SOS?
BL: I’ve had this song for a while, maybe a year or so, but I’ve never had a full band play on it, it’s always just been me and maybe a lead guitar. I was very excited to see what come out of this

SOS: Given that this is a collaboration, were there any surprises with the final production from how you envisioned it?
BL: There was some technical difficulties with some of the uploads, and for a minute it didn’t look like the song was gonna get finished, but Jesse did some edits and some good work and made it happen. The musicians on this track blew my mind. I literally had to put my brain back together to write this. The Drums were perfect, the Uke was perfect, the Bass was funky as all get out, and Jordan shredded that fiddle into a million pieces, Jesse rocked the mix. I am so, so happy with the finished product

SOS: Describe your experience of making music with people who are not even in the same room as you?
BL: I love collaborating with SOS, it’s always a pleasure working with the crew, whether it’s a song of mine, or me collaborating on someone else’s. And I’m starting to recognize the different players, thinking “Oh yeah, Jordan would play that violin line.” It’s a cool feeling.

SOS: Do you have a website where our audience may go to hear more of your music?
BL:  Check out my engineering website,

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