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Molly Moore on Soundcloud, Twitter, and writing the best music possible



Molly Moore is a true DIY artist and creative entrepreneur putting in the time to create a name for herself. Her music is incredibly appealing and she has used SoundCloud to connect with, engage with, and grow her audience. In this podcast, she offers a great tip for reaching out to people with one word and also shines some insights on her creative writing process.


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About Molly Moore:

  • Molly was a musical theater performer when she was younger. She started writing poetry and lyrics at around age 5 and then started down the path of finding the place that her voice could match how she writes.

  • She once took 2 years off of writing her own music to work and collaborate with other artists in order to learn and evolve her own sound.


SoundCloud and Social Media

  • Molly posted her first demo album on SoundCloud, because she felt that’s where she was in her process.

  • She didn’t just want to ask people to buy her music without giving them something to hear first.

  • Molly follows and interacts with people on Twitter and other social media, drawing them back to SoundCloud once they’ve reached a certain point in their conversation.

  • Tip: Molly sends direct messages to people who follow her on Twitter and usually they are just a few words such as “Thanks” or “Oh hey.” This gets a conversation started without too much time up front.

  • You can track streams from SoundCloud and then use the geographic locating to know where the majority of your audience is. Then you can use that information to target them with ads on Facebook, for example.

  • Molly used to build her own site, which is incredibly personal.


Writing and Collaborating with Other Songwriters

  • Molly felt she released her EP too early. She passed it out, then started writing with existing connections from NY or new connections in LA. She says it was eye opening… she got to write a lot that she wouldn’t have written and also learned what she had been missing from her own style. Her personal identity wasn’t being captured from what she was writing. After two years, she came full circle and wanted to write for herself again.

  • When you sit down with an instrument and don’t have a preexisting idea of what will come out, you get a magical vibe.

  • Work on your music enough that you are proud of it. Not that others will care, but that you are proud of it. We’re in the internet age so everyone has an email. Figure out that second degree of separation and let your confidence sell the music for you.

  • Hone the craft of what you’re putting out into the world. And don’t rely on any one person to “get it out there.” You are that one person. Don’t be afraid of cold-calling people. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other people who will strengthen your weaknesses. Oh, and don’t give up.

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