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So wait, what do you do again?
Good question. We take scratch tracks (just a voice and guitar, for example) from songwriters and produce a professional song with custom tracks, mixing, and mastering. So it’s perfect if you don’t have a band or if you need some help filling out certain instruments. (We have it all)
What happens to my song after you’re done?
With your approval, it gets uploaded to iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc (all the biggies) so that you can grow your discography and start selling to your fans.
What if my music is already distributed?

Whether you’re on Tunecore, CDBaby, or some other service, we can help you pull your music down and have it back up with our service in about 48 hours of down time. Then all of your music is being distributed through one place (easier for getting paid and seeing what is selling well) for one small fee.

Do I have to have a home studio setup to submit a song?
No, but the quality of the final song depends on the quality that you can put into your scratch track when submitting. If you don’t have a professional-sounding recording setup, we recommend finding someone who does or paying for a few hours of studio time to get your tracks sounding awesome before submitting.
How long will it take?
All songs submitted go into a queue. Once your turn is up, our musicians have a week to lay down tracks for your song. Then you and the mixer work together for another week to make sure the song is exactly how you want it. So, in short, 2 weeks from start to finish.
What would you guys charge to do a song for a band? Or would that even work for your situation?

It will definitely work and we’re ready to help. If your band wants to join as a member, the recording packages will still be available to you and we will add additional tracks (if you want), get it mixed, mastered, and distributed for a fraction of the cost of going into a studio. We will still split it 60/40 and you will split the 40% on your end however you want.

If you start a Private Session to get 100% royalties and sell your own CDs at gigs, we might be able to help you out for less tan $399/song, depending on what you’re looking for. That pricing model is based on single artists. So, for instance, if you’re only looking for mixing and mastering, you can probably walk awayfor less than $399/song.

Can I bring other musicians on board to play on my song?
Yes! We’ll share the project files with anyone you’d like so that they can join in on the fun.
Do I have to write the song myself?
You or members of your band need to have written the song. If you’ve “borrowed” any lyrics, samples, beats, grooves, etc, from another artist, we can’t work with the song.

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