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About SOSstudio

We are a global network of professional studio musicians, composers, vocalists, lyricists, and mixers collaborating remotely to provide custom creative content for clients and guest artists.

Founder Jordan Woods-Robinson is an actor (The Walking Dead), musician (Blue Man Group), and entrepreneur (SOSstudio) driven by helping artists get a leg up wherever they may need it. SOSstudio.co is an online community for great songwriters where they can distribute their music, network with other musicians, and record new albums through professional collaborations.

Why ‘SOS’?

Once upon a time we were just a project- a challenge, if you will, to write, record, and produce a new song each week.  The name of this challenge?  Songs On Sunday.  Thus, the acronym, SOS, continued on to SOSstudio to help us remember our roots.

At first,

it was to cultivate the creative musical mind and to stretch song writing muscles in every musical style. Then, it grew. All of a sudden, this songwriter’s project had become a worldwide weekly collaboration of musicians, singers, songwriters, and mixers- all turning out a new song together each week.


ideas abound and music is flowing from a team of artists that all record remotely from their own studios and connect online to put out a final product that is stronger than any one artist alone… And we want to share that base of knowledge, talent, and creativity with you! We want to help you see your own project fully realized while saving on the overhead cost of booking studio time. The name SOSstudio keeps us connected to our core values of  ConnectivityTransparency, Creativity, & Efficiency.

What’s more

is that every summer, to stay truly connected with those values, we pick up the challenge once again and produce 14 songs in 14 weeks to release a yearly free album of our creative juices.


  • CONNECTIVITY: SOSstudio will change the way you create music forever. Our network allows musicians and songwriters to record whole albums without ever leaving home.
  • TRANSPARENCY: The only way to truly collaborate is for everyone to be on the same page. With SOSstudio, everyone has all the same information, all at the same time.
  • CREATIVITY: More heads are better than one. SOSstudio has musicians worldwide prepared to put their best ideas into you.


  • EFFICIENCY: SOSstudio is composed of a network of professional home studios, meaning you create the same product by spending only a fraction of the time.

SOS Logo designed by Jacob McAlister


Hello! I’m Jordan, Founder of SOSstudio.co

An Actor, Musician, Blue Man, Idea Generator, Puzzle Solver, Vegan, Wearer of Many Hats, and Social Media Junkie, I run our blog, host our weekly business podcast for artists, and personally oversee every project that comes through our doors.

My mission is to give a leg up to every emerging artist where they may need it so, whether you are looking for some tracks to bring your song to life, a mixer to finish your album, or conversations with dozens of successful artists and how they achieved their hard-earned fame, I hope SOSstudio can be a resource for you that continues to inspire and lead your career to greatness.


How It Works

Get a peak into our online recording studio and our streamlined process.

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