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Twitter Tips and Tricks to be a Self-Promotion Expert



Twitter is like an ocean and you are a pebble sinking to the ocean floor. But with the right tools, you can be a skipping stone bouncing over the water gaining more attention with each pass. Here are 11 tools that you won’t hear about from Twitter (that will make you a marketing guru).


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Watch as Jordan explains these Twitter tips step-by-step on a computer and phone.

Twitter Tips in a Nutshell:


1: Never start with an @Name

If you post “@SesameStreet is the best!” only YOU and SESAME STREET will see that (as well as the handful of people who follow both of you. Instead, add any symbol before the @Name to ensure that it goes out to your entire audience. For example: “.@SesameStreet is the best!”

2: Use Multiple URLs in Your Profile

In your Twitter profile, they ask you for a website URL (which can be anything, not just for websites), but you can also add an active link into your bio. I suggest adding a Newsletter subscription link so that people can subscribe right away. (but it can be for anything you want people to do).

3: Photos = Engagement

The more photos you put up, the more likes, replies, and retweets you will get. It’s stimulating for your audience and they engage more. Whenever possible, add a photo to a tweet. Plus that opens you up for the most powerful of these tips…

4: Tag Your Photos

Each time you put up a photo, you can tag up to 10 people in that photo without using any of your 140 character limit. That’s FREE tagging! Make sure to tag the right people, and you can maximize your reach and retweets, as they share the post with their audiences.

5: Keep Your Profiles Consistent

If you have profiles on multiple social media platforms, one of the best things you can do is to use the same photo for each. This way, your audience feels an immediate sense of connection with you and will want to engage more quickly. If you want some AWESOME tools for creating great images, visit

6: Use Periscope

Periscope is a live-streaming video app for your smart phone or tablet that syncs with Twitter and automatically goes out to your followers. It’s perfect for tours, Q&As, quick hellos, and everything in between. Periscope is a very strategic tool to engage with your fans. 

7: Use Pinned Tweets

Most of what you say disappears into Twitter immediately. But you can pin any tweet to the top of your feed as a virtual handshake. Have it be a link you want people to visit, news of an upcoming gig, a great article, or even a quote that tells a lot about you.

8: Twitter Analytics

Each tweet comes with its own analytics so you can see how engaging it was. With a click of a button, you can see how many people saw the tweet, how many people clicked the link, how many replied, how many retweeted, etc. It’s a great tool to know what your audience enjoys so you can put out more of that content.

9: Screen Grabs for an EPK

You always need to update your electronic press kit with current numbers. Get a screen capture of the number of followers on your profile in order to have proof when people ask.

10: The Power of Hashtags

Hashtags (a word after a #) can be used for comedy purposes (#duh) but they are also very powerful tools to connect you with new audiences. If you use the right hashtag, someone who’s never heard of you may find you. Or it can be used to organize Q&A events. But do your research before you settle on a specific hashtag for yourself. If someone else is using it, it won’t work well for either of you.

11: Save a Draft on your Phone

You can’t do this on a desktop but if you write a tweet and then close out of the window, you have the option to save it as a draft. Then you can revisit it at a later time when you have more time to work on it or when it’s more appropriate.

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