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Know When to Quit SOSstudio Sessions Episode 59



I started SOSstudio Sessions as a way to empower artists and creative thinkers with the tools they need to take their charge of their careers. Each artist needs to think of him or herself as a business and we can help each other by sharing tools, resources, and inspirations with one another. This episode marks the last podcast session I will be putting out (at least for a while, possibly permanently) as I jump headfirst into my personal career.

I encourage each of my listeners to focus on that and trust their instincts, but I’ve found I’m not doing that myself. Each time I take on a new project, it is directly taking time away from something else I’m working on. My goal is to reinvigorate my personal brand, including my personal art, personal wellness, and spending more free time with my family.

This is not birthed out of stress or frustration. In fact, the decision manifested as a revelation, or evolution of what I have to offer. If we are truly entrepreneurs, our job is to keep trying 10 different things until we find the 1 that works. My personal career is certainly my best chance of success at this point and I choose to immerse myself in that fully.

My drive to continue these conversations (and SOS) will not be going away. For now, the podcast will continue to be an archive full of amazing conversations and inspirations, ready to revisit at any point. But I will not let it die. I have plans to revisit it in the future and distill it down into a form that can continue to help artists.

Thank you to my supporters, my guest artists, my family, and my friends who have supported (and continue to support) me through this amazing adventure. This is not the end. This is just a rest.


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