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This episode is dedicated ENTIRELY to the fandoms that make an artist famous or successful. I reached out to The Walking Dead fans and interviewed five different people, each focusing on a different aspect of what it means to be a part of a fan base. Fans express themselves differently and see love in various ways, just like the artists they support. No one way of reaching out will please everyone so we’ll discuss the myriad of ways to make sure you are connecting with, nurturing, and engaging your biggest supporters… From their lips, to your ears.

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Special thanks to Ashton Parr, Sophie Wilson, CJ Creech, Cassidy Moore, Allicia Bustos, Dana Gonzalez, Britney Goraj, Annette Cichocki, Juan Lavari, Savannah Jacobs, Ciara Miller, Maxyme Vallieres-Levesque, Pake Allen, Alyssa Curry, Crissy Thomas, Remy Droddy, Jacob Dicke, Elizabeth Heckenberg, Adriana Vega, Jenna Gauchier, Giselle Levy, Jarrod Fishwick, Jennifer Romero, Elli Doropoulos, Deanna Jones, Kary Lawrence, Glenn Payment, Ashley Potoski, Dean Conder, Tonia Threlkeld, Anna Angelborn, Nicki Howells, Clint Hancock, Caroline Dietze, James Lewis, Nicole Long, Carolyn Redpath, Al Oppedisano, Bailey Weiss, Samantha Nicole Evans, Marine Lacour, Kenneth Thomas, Jennie Furth-Jacobus, Stephanie Pearson, Holly Clarkson, Johnathan Clouser, Andrew Chapman, Tina Simon, Marcus Romero, Martina Munn, Dora Salm, Tracy Coakley, Jacob Mantooth, Keltie Stewart, David Anthony Ray, Lisa Ann Lopez, Katie Wolski, James McInerney, Jen Rutledge, Tracey Phillipps, Doris Xu, James Tan Wei Kiat, Matthew Taylor, Kaylyn Vigilante, Robin Burns, Stephanie Payseur, Amy Schlabach, Cindy Ann Peterson, Cheryl-Lynn Uivaa, and Christin Garcia for sending in responses.


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