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A Guide To Navigating Tough Decisions For Artists - SOSstudio

Undoubtedly, you’re going to face many crossroads as an artist. Whether it be a branding choice, an opportunity to take a new gig, seeking management and endorsements, or any other myriad of tough decisions, there will always be pros and cons that must be weighed equally in order to determine what is best for you and your business right now.

In order to help ease the process, we’ve put together this guide of articles, podcasts, and other resources that may help shine some light on the multiple sides of your decision and how to best weigh them appropriately. As with all of these life choices, this comes down to a mixture of analytical thinking and using your gut. The best answer is the one that you choose, we’re just here to help you reach that decision by taking in all the information.


The Art of Reinventing Your Personal Brand – Feel like you need a change? (Or that you are changing?)

The Mr. Rogers Method: How to Create a Routine for Life – Sometimes the chaotic nature of being an artist can be answered by establishing a routine.

The Art of Asking – Need an answer? Ask a question of your audience or peers… they want to help.

Independent vs Label, or How to Make It in Nashville – Don’t know where to start? Here are 4 tips to kickstart any career.

11 Famous Artists Who Found Success As Late Bloomers – Consider this before throwing in the towel

How to Maximize Creativity in 1 Hour – Not enough time in the day? Add more.



How To Make An Interactive EPK That Works FOR You – Submissions not going well? Maybe you need a new Electronic Press Kit.

How to Build a Brand, Create a Team, and Get #@&! Done – Guidance on managing a team while staying creative

Stephanie Christie Artist Management and Publicity – Advice from an expert on how to navigate the many business decisions facing artists.



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