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Stephanie Christie is an Artist Manager and Publicist in Orlando, FL, with clients worldwide.  She has tons of experience and great strategies with the business and loves to give back so everything in this episode is her giving you the power to take your publicity and branding into your own hands.



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In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Stephanie builds a 3-month campaign to promote an artist’s new album
  • Why she uses SoundCloud for her Publicity needs
  • How she used the “fake it til you make it” technique to gain the experience she needed
  • The steps and protocol for reaching out to industry professionals
  • Why you need to document your “numbers” and cleanly present them
  • Which Social Media accounts you need TODAY
  • What Stephanie recommends straight out of the gate to start promoting your album
  • Why she prefers email submissions and how they should be formatted
  • Why streaming is better than attaching songs to emails
  • A trick to make your social media look “active”
  • How to choose, grow, and nurture your fan base
  • How to align your brand with and create an emotional connection with your audience
  • Let your fans get involved with your artistic process: contest to design merch, logos, etc…
  • Why 2 heads are better than one when it comes to your content
  • Why you need an entertainment attorney
  • How to build a band agreement and why it’s crucial
  • How to build connections by the thousands
  • Why small music conferences are the most important thing to your career
  • How to get your site to look like your music feels 




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