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Every once in a while a plugin/software/feature comes out that really changes the way you work.

IMG_0411.PNGSlate has just released a new plugin that works with Pro Tools (other DAW’s coming) that helps speed up and maximize your work flow through running batch (multiple) commands with the touch of a button. Currently only on Mac (Windows coming soon), this plugin takes care of everything from creating Channel Presets for 1 or multiple channels to Headphone mixes and Drum quantization.

Here’s just a sample of what Slate says Batch Commander can do:

Slate Batch Commander Features
The Slate Media Technology BATCH COMMANDER for Pro Tools will revolutionize your workflow in ways that you must experience to believe. Using single click buttons that will execute up to 1,000 key commands, menu selections, and mouse clicks, it can do miraculous tasks for you such as:

Tighten up entire drum tracks and put them on the grid using one button.
Instantly create headphone sends and fx returns using one button.
Apply your favorite chain of plug-ins to multiple tracks with one button.
Call up any tracks you want and their associated plug-ins for quick tweaking using single buttons.
Convert all your MIDI tracks to audio tracks using one button.
Create MIDI notes from audio tracks using one button.
Get your tracks ready for collaboration by automatically consolidating, exporting, and naming them for you, using one button.

Batch Commander comes pre-programmed with over 80 predefined Batch Commands across 8 unique layouts. User commands are simple to program with our QuickList, which features hundreds of preset Pro Tools 10 and 11 operations – just right-click or control-click a batch command button to edit and you’ll have access to almost limitless key command, menu selection and mouse-click stacking possibilities with the preset “General,” “Music” and “Post” QuickList commands.

I’m very excitied to start utilizing this for all the SOS projects coming up. Often with SOSstudio, an engineer will only have a 3-4 hours to assemble ALL of the tracks (coming in remotely from all over the world) to get a rough mix.  With the Batch Commander from Slate, we can cut through all of the medial tasks in the blink of an eye so that we can really start to focus on the heart of the song.  As we all know deadlines are always stressful, and anything that helps with effeciency and productivity without losing quality is always helpful and truly welcome.

Efficency, quality, and Pure Awesomeness is the essence of SOSstudio.

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