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Songs On Sunday from Jordan Woods-Robinson on Vimeo.

We’re looking for ideas for new songs!  If you think you have something awesome, leave us a Comment below (by clicking “Comments” at the bottom of the post) and lay it down for us, sweet daddy.  Next Sunday, the 24th, we will pick up to 3 favorites and announce them to the world.  Each winner selected will receive a FREE Songs On Sunday t-shirt mailed to you!

Here are some ideas to squeeze your brain juices:

  1. An orchestral piece re-scoring the trailer for “Goonies”
  2. A rock ballad about this really sad breakup I once had.  Here’s the story…
  3. An Irish folk instrumental featuring a solo of armpit fart noises
  4. A pop song named “12 hours” based off this photo. image
  5. A healing chant of a made-up people.

Enter as many ideas as you want and share with as many people as you see fit!  After all, on top of receiving a FREE shirt, you also get your idea turned into a song!  

Winners will be announced Sunday, 11/24.  Good luck and thanks for listening!

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