Summer Session Week 13 – I Can’t Hear A Thing | SOSstudio

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SOS: What were your main influences for writing this song?
DC:  I wanted to write a male/female duet.  I like the idea of each of them having the same kind of thought but telling the listener, not each other.  It increases the distance between them.

SOS: Has this idea been in your head for a while or did you think it up especially for SOS?
DC: This song started a few months ago in a very different form.  It was a folky acoustic ballad.  It was only when I revisited it to put it up for SOS Studio that I started playing around with styles and settled on this shuffle feel.  I was lucky enough to be able to write the lyrics with my good friend and long time writing partner Bobby Minelli.  When I brought him the song in its incomplete form he knew exactly what I was going for and found the words to bring my thoughts to life.

SOS: Given that this is a collaboration, were there any surprises with the final production from how you envisioned it?
DC:  There are always surprises but they are always good! This time it was Shannon’s vocal. She took my melody to the next level.  I knew for a long time that I wanted her to sing with me and was very happy when she agreed.  I am also that my friend Pete Moran helped out with a Hammond track.  That sound really makes the song along with Colin channeling Bernard Purdie on the drums!

SOS: Describe your experience of making music with people who are not even in the same room as you?
DC:  it is always different. I enjoy the anticipation of waiting for the tracks to appear and the excitement of hearing the final product.  Ben has done a really great job of capturing the sound that I wanted.

SOS: Do you have a website where our audience may go to hear more of your music?
DC:  You can check out my Sound Cloud page at or check out my blog at

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