Summer Session 2014 Week 10 – The Road | SOSstudio

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The tenth offering in our Summer of original songs comes from Jordan Woods-Robinson.  It’s a catchy, upbeat modern-country song sung by his talented wife Julie.  Here is what the man himself has to say about it.

SOS: What were your main influences for writing this song?
JWR: I actually wrote this song for an up-and-coming country STAR, Rachel Potter.  She is smart, funny, independent, and drives all the boys crazy.  I knew she’d tear this song up but she is so talented that she actually writes ALL of her own stuff so this wasn’t needed in her arsenal.  As a result, I got to share it with my SOSstudio collaborators!

SOS: Has this idea been in your head for a while or did you think it up especially for SOS?
JWR: I actually wrote it at the tail end of our last session, Summer 2013, so it was inspired by the SOS creative juices but I held onto it for a year before I decided to open it up to the outside world.

SOS: Given that this is a collaboration, were there any surprises with the final production from how you envisioned it?
JWR: Julie Woods-Robinson, my wife, is a very talented musical theatre performer and is the female vocalist you hear on this track.  While her voice is not what you’d expect to hear if you tuned into a Pop Country station, I think she added a wonderful new vibe to the song that I didn’t hear in my head.  She sings with independence and a yearning to get away that turns into excitement near the end.  A great story for a woman destined to be on the road.

SOS: Describe your experience of making music with people who are not even in the same room as you?
JWR: I was in a brick-and-mortar studio recently, actually, laying down some fiddle tracks for an album, and playing with some musicians I’d never met before.  While it was cool meeting new people, there was a slight tension in the room as people got to know each other, figure out parts, get setup, watch the clock, etc…  I love working in my studio where I know how everything works, and getting to collaborate remotely with all of these other professionals who know their studios so well, too.  The ease and comfort of our surroundings is absolutely clear in our final recordings.

SOS: Do you have a website where our audience may go to hear more of your music?
JWR: All of my recent work is on the New-And-Improved!  I love it!  I think it looks so great!

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