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We are very excited about our new series SOSspotlight.  It gives us a chance to showcase the things we enjoy and think you should know about; new sounds we have come across, new bits of tech we enjoy using.  Perhaps the most exciting thing about SOSspotlight draw attention to other artists and persons of interest in the industry so that other people get to realise how great they are and become more aware of their work.

This week we ‘Q&A’ with ‘Gón Charlie’.  ‘Gón Charlie’ is a Polish musician living and working in Berlin.  I highly recommend you take a listen to the brooding, foreboding track he wrote and produced for the show ‘Faust’.

You can hear more of Gón Charlie’s work and check out where he is playing at his website and follow him on twitter @Gon_Charlie

Gon CharlieSOS: What was the last project you worked on?

The last big project I worked on was the music I did for the show “Faust” in Northampton University in 2013.  You can hear some of it here.

SOS: What was the last record you bought and why?
Nick Mulvey “First Mind” because is inspiring and I love it.

SOS: If you could work with one artist, dead or alive (performer, writer, producer etc) who would it be?
I would love to work with James Blake

SOS: what is your favourite musical tool? Instrument, pedal, processor?
Looper Boss RC-30

SOS: What is your earliest musical memory?
My earliest memory is the gig Joan as Police Woman in Berlin in Postbahnhof

SOS: In your opinion, what song that you have heard is “perfect”; you’d never change a thing?
Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

Gon Charlie has been kind enough to share one of his tracks with us.  It is written in Polish so here is the English translation.

[soundcloud id=’152852693′]


you don’t have
a wife
but you teach my father
how to rise my mother

and you don’t know a hunger
because you have a big belly
you eat for four
telling me about the sins

I feel sorry for you
I feel sorry for myrself
that we are on the other side

I do not believe in anything
you take all
golden virtues of women and children

see how beautifully
meteorite is flying
see how beautifully
will fall apart above us

and fold your hands
do not wake me more
this is my dream
and I dream it as I want to

and don’t touch me
slide down your curtain
black clown
who still lies

Interview by Dan Cooper

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