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Chris Smith is a born entertainer with the innate ability to tackle all of his creative projects as though they were business prospects.  In this episode, he discusses his journey of turning a hobby as a child into a clearly defined, marketable brand.



I'm trying to build a career, not scratch a lotto ticket. Click To Tweet People want to see stuff where they can say 'How crazy is that that this happened.' Click To Tweet You have to be able edit your emotional self out of your work. Click To Tweet


In this episode, you will learn:

  • The happenstance that got Chris started on a hobby that would define his career.
  • How juggling niche became a calling card to fast-track him to success.
  • Why your audience latches on to relatable content and want to share it with their friends.
  • How to adjust your brand to match the opportunities around you.
  • How Chris subconsciously tapped into a strong business practice when developing his products.
  • Why you’re probably going to put in spec work for free before anything happens.
  • Chris’ strategy and process for getting a YouTube video to go viral, using Reddit.
  • An example of how comparing yourself to an established brand for validity can have a negative backlash.
  • How to utilize the different Points of View of various social media sites.
  • Why it’s crucial to edit your work without your emotions making the calls.
  • How to commit fully to your career but also be able to change strategies at the drop of a hat.
  • Why it’s important to work macro to micro – bigger picture to specifics.
  • Setting up a dedicated safe space to be distraction free for creating.
  • Theming your day and then compartmentalizing your time within.




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