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If it’s musical, Andy has probably heard it, played it, and made it better. Ok, that might be big shoes to fill but this guy is incredible. At 16, he came in 2nd in the World Champion Mandolin Contest. At 22, he won the Guitar Center’s Guitarmaggedon… on an acoustic. Now, his resume includes Scott Stapp (of Creed) and, most recently, as the guitarist and mandolin player for Rascal Flatts. Now, he has a Double Album that combines his bluegrass and rock influences called “Caught Between the Truth and a Lie.” In this podcast, Andy Wood talks about how he got hired by Rascal Flatts, how to secure and maintain an endorsement, and how to be true to YOU as an artist.



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In this episode, you will learn:

  • How a unique and diverse skill set landed Andy a gig touring with Rascal Flatts
  • How Andy guided his love of all music into versatility as a studio musician
  • The incredible story of how Andy won the national Guitarmaggedon competition by doing the opposite of what everyone else was doing
  • The strategy of choosing what media you tease online vs what you choose to keep offline in order to maintain the high quality you’ve worked so hard at to achieve
  • Why it’s crucial to acknowledge that you are a business and not just “all about the music”
  • How to secure and keep an endorsement from a company that inspires you
  • Why an endorsement is like a marriage and needs to be mutually respected
  • You should never expect anything for free, but always be prepared to give
  • How you can be a professional studio musician without moving to Nashville or other hubs
  • Why Andy thinks of his career as a game and how he weaves work and play together




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