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Barrett Brooks, a brilliant mind focused on helping people build careers that matter, recently blasted a truth bomb that if we focus on each individual step of the work rather than the outcome of the entire goal, we will feel more fulfilled, more energized, and more confident. This episode will explore how we can break down our goals from big picture into the simplest tasks with 1 simple question.


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  • Barrett Brooks of Fizzle.co says if you focus on the work and not the trophy that it brings, you are much less likely to be disappointed. If you get the work done (and actually do work you can be proud of), you won’t be bummed about the final outcome.
  • Self-doubt will stand in your way and that can come in a variety of forms. First and foremost, Barrett says to surround yourself with a group of peers who you trust to not only give you constructive criticism but also reinforce you when they can tell you’re on the right path. In the business world, Barrett would call this a mastermind group.
  • In order to set yourself up for success, think of the big picture goal you’ve set for yourself. Maybe it’s to grow your newsletter or to finish your album. Those are the final goals. Now ask yourself “What do I do first?” Full disclosure: your first attempt at this will probably not be the actual first step. Keep asking yourself that question and breaking it down into smaller and smaller steps until your first task is as simple as “Send X an email” or “Change my guitar strings.”
  • By working backwards from macro to micro, you’ve now unlocked every step along the way and have separated them into bite-sized chunks to get from A to Z.
  • Most importantly, tell someone about your goals. Go beyond writing it down on a napkin. Tell someone, utter it into the universe, have a peer hold you accountable.
  • If you’re looking for a mastermind group, consider sharing your goals with the community forums at SOSstudio. All of these like-minded artists are there to share resources, experiences, and to help you ask the questions you need to succeed.


Fizzle Show discussing self-doubt

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