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This week, I talk to Brandon Drury of RecordingReview.com and Killer Home Recording. A recording engineer with a professional (and very successful) home studio, Brandon’s goals have expanded to his online forum and creating a digital course to help independent recording artists all over the world cut through their learning curve in order to get a better product immediately.



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In this episode you will learn:

  • How the digital revolution catapulted him into his recording studio business
  • How to harness word of mouth as a business practice
  • Customer Service by Necessity
  • Answering Recording problems on his forum
  • A tool for getting free, unbiased feedback on your songs
  • Building a report with a band in order to get the best recording
  • Talking to bands that want to be great and… aren’t
  • As an artist, how to make sure that you have a self-reality check before going into a studio to record
  • The best way to put your own playing under the microscope
  • Compartmentalizing your tasks to stay productive
  • How to make an album in 2 days by ignoring the internet
  • The business of operating an online forum
  • How to develop trust with your audience to better sell your product
  • Where to find answers for the top 800 questions posted on the forum
  • The best resource for jumping your home recording skills from Year 1 to Year 5 overnight
  • Step by Step for finding a mic placement for a good recording when you’re the only person in the room
  • Use listening to remedy 99% of the problems an artist might face

Links & Resources mentioned in this podcast:

FREE – Killer Home Recording Setting Up Guide


Killer Home Recording

Bash This Recording

Reaper – “Free” DAW


VBulletin.com – Forum hosting

SimpleMachines.org – Forum hosting

ATH M50’s Reference Headphones


Thanks for Listening!

Thank you so much for Brandon and I this week! He’s truly a great resource for anything recording so check out his forum and his course using the links above. If you’re interested in learning more about how he wrote Killer Home Recording, please leave a comment below and we’ll get him back on the show!

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