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You’ve probably seen his PVC-playing YouTube videos glance across your news feed, and now you can hear Snubby J (Kent Jenkins) talk about building his own instrument, nurturing a following of 130k+ on YouTube, and turning a hobby into a brand.



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In this episode you will learn:

  • What “Snubby J” stands for
  • How Blue Man Group helped him get started
  • How America’s Got Talent producers directly took him to the next level with his branding
  • How he stopped thinking about YouTube as a “second life” and now embraces his brand as being both an online and real-life presence
  • How he keeps live gigs fresh and entertaining
  • Why he reads (and tries to reply to) all comments on YouTube
  • Ideas for hosting fan meets, local and abroad
  • What sites he uses for content vs social
  • A brief glimpse into the cash flow of a successful YouTube channel with millions of views (you may be surprised)
  • 5 ways how he brainstorms new content
  • How reading 1 magazine can keep you at the top of your creative game
  • How it feels when a video goes viral


Links mentioned in this episode:

Kent’s Cheat Sheet: 10 Simple Steps to Promote YouTube Videos

Snubby J on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, BandCamp, Patreon

RimbaTubes: Classical Medley video

RimbaTubes: Nutcracker Medley

RimbaTubes: 4 Chords (Inspired by Axis of Awesome)

Afton (music booking agency)

Patreon.com (Leave Kent a ‘tip’)

Fizzle.co (host of The Fizzle Show podcast)


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