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Eric deLima Rubb of Propared.com walks us through ‘Total Leadership’ and focusing on the creative time that is at the center of what we want to do as artists.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Eric deLima Rubb is a performer-turned-MBA-candidate-turned-Marketing-Director for Propared, a revolutionary project management software for event professionals.  Coming from a performer background, he struggled in business school until he realized he had a different skill set and background from an artist’s perspective that he could bring to the business community.
  • This revelation came when he started studying the Total Leadership ideas established by Stewart Friedman at the Wharton School. This principle says there are 4 main domains that must be balanced to be a strong leader and lead a happy life, and 3 main actions that are used to keep one in check in these 4 domains:
    • Domains:
      • Work
      • Home
      • Community
      • Self
    • Actions:
      • Be Real (be true to you, focus on what matters most and be prepared to shift your focus if you need to, know what really matters to you in your career goals)
      • Be Whole (act with integrity, build networks by caring about others, know when to walk away from an opportunity, apply the entirety of your skillset to every project)
      • Be Innovative (take feedback but still follow your gut, break the mold, constantly flex and grow your creative muscle, courageously embrace change, learn from trial-and-error)
  • The process of following these ideas and balancing his domains led him to a turning down a project for first time ever and, by doing this, he actually became more trustworthy by saying “I’m not your guy.”
  • He says that as self-directed as we may seem, we never work in a vacuum. Someone, at some time, will weigh in and influence your work. But others outside of us have blind spots that might help us get through. And “Any artist, whether begrudgingly or not, would have to admit that ultimately they are the one making decision of what’s coming next for them. Maybe not from a casting perspective but certainly in terms of pursuing opportunities. And if every artist thinks of themselves as the manager of their own career, then what tools do you need to best do that?”
  • Situations change, jobs change, life changes… revisiting these 4 domains of Total Leadership and being Real, Whole, and Innovative, will prepare us all to most effectively lead our careers to success and to focus on the creative time that is at the center of what we want to do as artists.

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