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Colin Robinson has been a studio and live gigging drummer for 25 years and, as such, is often the person who drives the song and determines where it’s going to go, sometimes just as much as the songwriter. In the 3rd installment of our CONFIDENCE series, Colin shares how he reads a room, why artists should train like athletes, and the basics of charting out a new song.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Colin says he is always practicing, even after playing professionally for 25 years. If a runner os training for a race coming up, such as a 100 yard dash, they don’t stop for next race… They keep pushing forward to find their best personal time. Colin says you should keep practicing, keep your level at a certain point. This will allow you to remain calm in a high-stress situation.
  • Colin’s experience with as an engineer working with producers and his ability to play other instruments allows him to hear styles and fill out the sound the way it needs to be when he’s recording.
  • Colin was self-taught until he went to college for music. He had honed his ear and his instincts, then got the proper training to improve his technique.
  • He started in classic rock as a guitarist then learned jazz, fusion, and as many styles as possible on multiple instruments.
  • Consistency, dependability, creativity, trustworthiness, efficiency, <— Colin says these are all adjectives that you should emulate to to put others at ease.
  • When playing in a new studio situation, Colin says to get a vibe of the room, see how other people are acting. Gauge their vibe and start to blend in now so that, once you start recording, you’ll already be on the same vibe.
  • Colin charts everything before he starts playing. Why? It frees his mind to be able to remember multiple songs at once and think creatively while playing. He says to focus on the most basic and essential things (starting notes, bpm, basic verse/chorus/bridge structure) when charting out a song – it’s for you to understand, not for anyone else.


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