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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • John contemplated 3 categories in life: personal/financial/professional goals and merged them. When he noticed that they were not equal and that adjustments needed to be made… He changed his career to refocus.  He now revisits this challenge every 5 years.
  • John had always been an actor but he had also been teaching because he loved it. When he stepped back, he noticed he had “accidentally” built 2 resumes: acting and teaching. Boom. Second job with no additional effort.
  • Biggest changes to the acting world in the last 10 years? The “fashion” stuff: headshots layout, rapidfire auditions, instant response times (like going from audition to callback to on set in 24 hrs…) 
  • Our greatest tool to prepare is Time but, in the world of instant everything, time is not a luxury we are often afforded. This is where training, instincts, & confidence come into play… and where fear is the death of these
  • Another of John’s “must-haves” is seeking feedback from likeminded peers and then implementing the feedback that provides not just notes, but also solid reasons why.


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