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Essential Tools for Hosting an Online Collaboration SOSstudio.co-Session21


This episode is all about building a structured collaboration network aimed at efficiency and convenience in order to keep inspiration and creativity at a maximum level. Google Drive and Basecamp, the exact tools we use to fuel SOSstudio and Songs On Sunday, are discussed and analyzed in this conversation. AND I bring up the 3 ways to be prepared for online collaboration: digitally, physically, and mentally.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Songs On Sunday, a project that releases a new song each week, has grown from 1 person to over 40 collaborators
  • The goals and challenges of writing a new song each week
  • Why online collaboration is the wave of the future and will replace brick and mortar studios
  • How we’ve evolved from email to Dropbox to our current system of Google Drive and Basecamp
  • How to maintain a healthy team of collaborators as administrator, producer, and cheerleader


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Songs On Sunday 2015


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