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Steph Lynn Robinson On Voice Acting, Marketing Your Weaknesses, and Embracing How The World Perceives You SOSstudio.co-Session17



Steph Lynn Robinson is a Voice Actor in Toronto who has branded herself as CuteLittleVoice. She provides voices for multiple characters on animated shows for preschoolers such as Julius Junior and Super Why?. Hear how she has turned a frustration into a career path than is gaining wild success.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How she turned people saying “Oh, you have such a cute little voice!” into a full time job with wild success
  • Ask 10 people – 5 close friends, 5 acquaintances – for 10 adjectives about you, write them down, and embrace how people perceive you
  • How she wears many hats to maintain the most control of her business
  • Why it’s important to be a kind person and not be a pain in the butt
  • Networking equals building strong friendships and partnerships, not getting something from someone
  • Send work to other people and it will all come back to you
  • 2 heads are better than one and collaboration always helps an audition
  • Why to reward yourself after every audition
  • Finding the technical additions you can make with each audition and recording to make it your own
  • Respect the integrity of the writer and what they’ve written – She will add stuff that can be taken away or redirected
  • Have your first couple words already in character so they can make a decision immediately


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StephLynnRobinson.com | Facebook | Twitter


IWantToBeAVoiceActor.com – Dee Bradley Baker




** For Training Only (Steph thinks these are great resources if you want to dip your toes and see if you like it but she does not recommend using them for professional use)


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