Scratch Track – Lou Said | SOSstudio


We’ve never shared a scratch track with the public before but we wanted to share this with you.  RIP, Lou.

Lou sat at the corner table, leaning on the glass

Flanked by his publicist and a small Tibetan Monk

He had a smoker’s cough and a poet’s eyes

Like any guy down on his luck

Billy walked by barking like a dog

There was a white russian mixing white russians behind the wall

Lou said “1 chord’s fine, 2 chords are pushing it, 3 chords and you’re into jazz.”

Lou said, “I think life is far too short to concentrate on the past. I’d rather look into the future.”

And Lou said, “Life is like sanskrit read to a pony.”

Goodbye Crash Test Dummies, Goodbye REM

Goodbye CBGB’s, Goodbye Talking Heads

A hustle here, a hustle there

Little Lou’s gone everywhere.

Check back in 2 weeks to hear the finished version.  RIP, Lou.

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