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Our friend Rachel Potter is successful.  There is no doubt about it.  She has appeared on Broadway and in musical theatre in some incredible roles, she has appeared on national TV in the US on the X-Factor and is a talented songwriter.  Now she producing her own album, and she needs our help.

We here at SOS Studio believe that anyone who works that hard and do that kind of work is a huge success. However, we are different to most people who buy music, go to the theatre or watch TV.  We understand the journey that each and every performer, producer, writer…whatever they are, makes before you see them or hear them or their work.  Often it is not glamorous or lucrative but damn hard work and sometimes financially unrewarding.

Rachel recently gave her followers an insight into the world ‘behind the curtain’.  She wrote a piece explaining that when it comes to success, perception is different to reality and success certainly cannot be equated to fame.

Because of this shiny perception television gives, some folks think because I was on a tv show for a moment, that my life must now be easy and every door open to me. This is just not the truth. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m still bartending to pay the bills, living paycheck to paycheck.

In fact, I am pretty sure if you ask Rachel, or anyone in the industry who is worth anything, they have no desire to be famous.  Rachel’s popularity and exposure on a national platform is merely a by product of her hard work to succeed.  She merely wants to write good songs and let them be heard.  That is the true essence of any performer, not to want to be ‘seen’ or ‘famous’ but to create.  To create and be able to to what they have worked their whole life to do.

People’s assumption is that because you have seen them on TV, they must be rich and have a massive entourage of people behind them to do all the work for them.  For Rachel, like so many others, this is not the case.

I am an unsigned, independent artist, which means I pay for EVERYTHING I do. Touring, albums, paying musicians, merch, music videos. It’s all on my shoulders to make this dream happen, until hopefully one day- someone will take financial reigns. Until then, I’m a one woman army! 

But she wouldn’t want it any other way.  None of us would.  If a truly great and honest performer wanted it all to happen over night they would have given up years ago. There is not enough space in an already over populated  industry for people who are not willing to work for it.

Rachel is working hard at the moment to produce her album.  It is not an easy process and she needs help.  We all have the chance to be a part of something right from the start here.  We can see this album unfold in front of us as she records it through Pledge Music.  And not only that, but part of the proceeds that are collected will be donated to charity so not only are you helping new music and an emerging artist but giving something back as well.

We urge you to pledge to help Rachel.  Not just because it helps her but because of what it represents.  We are all able to sit at home every week and see these talented artists perform on X-Factor, for example or listen to songs on the radio but when it comes down to it, where does it come from?  If you want to be able to hear a diverse, vibrant range of music then we should not always go for what the major labels offer us.  Independent artists are where it is at!  They are the grass roots.  They are the pioneers putting not just their wallets on the line but their hearts and souls.

You can pre-order Rachel’s album ‘Not So Black and White’ for the price of a beer or two and it won’t give you a hangover.

Click here to find out more.

Support music!

By Dan Cooper for SOS Studio

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