Fall Session 2013 – Week 8 – Goodbye CBGB | SOSstudio

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Goodbye CBGB | Written by Jordan

The moment I sat down to write a song was the moment that I learned that Lou Reed had just died.  The social networks were flooded with well-wishes for Lou and remembrances of his affect on music, life, and culture.  While far from being a saint, the man had touched many people’s lives and had left lasting impressions with his music and outlook on life.

I found some quotes of his, generally focusing on the simplicity with which he approached music, and knew I had my inspiration for a new song.  I had this written within a couple hours, attempting to be inspired by Lou’s musings on life but without directly copying his music.

I had met Lou a number of years ago, when he came into my restaurant and I served him lunch.  The lyrics for this are a combination of my memory of that day along with some of his quotes.  For being a man that could write characters so well, I feel he makes a pretty good subject, himself.

RIP, Lou.


Lou sat at the corner table, leaning on the glass

Flanked by his publicist and a small Tibetan Monk

He had a smoker’s cough and a poet’s eyes

Like any guy down on his luck

Billy walked by barking like a dog

There was a white Russian mixing white russians behind the wall

Lou said “1 chord’s fine, 2 chords are pushing it, 3 chords and you’re into jazz.”

Lou said, “I think life is far too short to concentrate on the past. I’d rather look into the future.”

And Lou said, “Life is like sanskrit read to a pony.”

Goodbye Crash Test Dummies, Goodbye REM

Goodbye CBGB’s, Goodbye Talking Heads

A hustle here, a hustle there

Little Lou’s gone everywhere.


Vocals, Guitar: Jordan Woods-Robinson

Bass, Drums: Colin Robinson

Mixed by: Cory at Lonely Nights Studios

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