Fall Session 2013 – Week 2 – From Your Window | SOSstudio

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From Your Window | Music and Lyrics by Jordan

From Your Window was actually written during the first round of Songs On Sunday in 2008 but we felt like it wasn’t finished.  As with all of our songs, it continued to be a work in progress and we brought it back with some slightly new imaginings.

With dobro provided by Tony and vocals by Julie, we added a really powerful, ethereal vibe to the track that really carries the angst of lovers never meeting and life continuing.

So glad we got to revisit this!


A tower standing gravely in the sun

Nestled ‘mongst the bluegreen ivy at its base
It does not know it hoards my one true love
The fair maiden who’s never shown her face

She stands and sings, a ghost against the light
Her voice awakes the stars, the moon from sleep
Her lonely tune sweeps clouds across the sky
And the guards that hold her have no choice but weep

A nightly promise I offer to her
A promise of love I give to her
I yell from the base of her tower and up to the sky

From your window, you can follow me
For you’ve all the world to see
Since tomorrow may never come to be
You can follow me

From your window, you can follow me
And I’ll give my life to thee
Since tomorrow may never come to be
You can follow me

Lead Vocals: Jordan Woods-Robinson
Female Vocals: Julie Woods-Robinson
Background Vox: Kyle Harden
Acoustic Guitars/Violins/Mandolin/Bass: Jordan Woods-Robinson
Dobro: Tony Aguirre
Slide Guitar: Cory Maples

Mixed by: Cory at Lonely Nights Studios

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