Fall Session 2013 Week 13 – Corn, Flour, Pine Cones | SOSstudio

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Corn, Flour, Pine Cones | Written by Cory Maples

A departure from the normal project where we’re basically remote studio musicians collaborating from afar, Jordan and Cory were actually in the same room when this was recorded.  Jordan was visiting family in East Tennessee (where Cory lives) and we got together and laid this down one night.

We had already called it quits for the year, planning on “Dreams” being our last song… But Cory wrote this little ditty and we felt we had to make it happen.  He wrote it as a tongue-in-cheek homage to our hillbilly roots. He sang a bar of “whiskey in the morning” and the rest just came out. There’s something fun about bluegrass when the music is driving and the lyrics make you smile. And so, without further ado, we present “Corn, Flour, Pine Cones,” a drinking song about love, booze, and good ol’ country livin’. -Jordan and Cory

Whiskey in the morning Whiskey ‘fore the light Whiskey for the cold When my baby’s gone at night Whiskey she won’t leave me Loyal never strays Whiskey near my heart thats where she stays Corn, Flour, Pine cones Down on the farm Doesn’t matter where she from long as she’s warm Straight from the barrel Never passed around Never saw a highway Or the lights of town or the tailgate of jim tom’s ford with the racing stripe and 457 you broke my heart Oh that ain’t right…. Everything is clear when you’re all liquored up… Whiskey in the morning Best before the dawn Whiskey somehow better Naked on the lawn Whiskey right and ready the mood never sours Whiskey on my breathe Keep me fresh for hours Whiskey like old yeller never let me down Just like my shotgun when I put her down Whisky here’s a question Correct me if I’m wrong Wasn’t there a woman at the beginning of this song Ya ba Da ba Do I miss that dog… Vocals, Mandolin, Bass: Cory Maples Vocals, Violin, Guitar: Jordan Woods-Robinson Vocal Consultant: Steve Maples Mixed by: Cory at Lonely Nights Studios

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