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SOSstudio has been busy working behind the scenes, restructuring our website and getting ready to welcome guests. In about a month, we are going to open our doors to great songwriters around the world who are writing great music. Songwriters who are engaging with their fans. Songwriters who are ready to take charge of their careers.

We are building…

A Membership Community for Songwriters - SOSstudio

The recording industry is changing and it has never been easier or more affordable to self-publish your music and live your dream of being a independent songwriter. But there are 2 problems I see for the independent songwriter as the music world is moving forward. One is relatively simple to fix and the second takes a bit more ingenuity and creativity.


Problem 1: Attention Span

In the world where everything can be bought, sold, streamed, you name it at the touch of a finger, your audience’s attention span has never been shorter or more eager. They don’t want to wait 2 years for you to finish your album. They want new music now. Or else they’re going to lose interest.

How do we fix this?

  • SOSstudio will distribute your music to all of the big stores and streaming services immediately. iTunes usually posts within 72 hours. We know you need your music up right away so we won’t take up your time like some other services out there.
  • You keep 100% royalties. So you can start selling right away and keep every penny. We’ll send royalties payments monthly as well as breakdowns of your most popular songs so you can promote those with fervor.


Problem 2: Constant Creation

The second problem is a continuation of the first in that, because your audience doesn’t want to wait, you need to adjust your game plan to consistently produce great music. But you can’t do that using samples within your recording software. You need to collaborate with live studio musicians and engineers to evolve your sound.

How do we fix this?

  • We are a network of professional musicians who collaborate from our personal home studios.
  • This is our true passion: Creating great music quickly and cheaply by collaborating with professional musicians and engineers. For years, we’ve held private sessions for songwriters to get their music produced and distributed online. Now we’re simply opening that up to the public.
  • We will take your scratch track, add live tracks, mixing, and mastering, then upload to iTunes. The whole process is 2 weeks from start to finish.


How is this possible?

Our collaborators are the best of the best and know their studios in and out. They can get you a finished product in an hour as opposed to 2 days in a recording studio. I have handpicked everyone on board and there is not one person in here who I don’t trust fully with my own music.

We could be charging some huge fee for this but the whole point is to offer a service that gets your music out there quickly. You shouldn’t have to save up in order to share your art. So we settled on a low monthly payment to join and some incredibly low recording packages to get your new music recorded. 


Also Included…

  • A forum of other artists who are challenging and supporting each other in their careers… sharing tools that are useful or providing stories of what worked for them.
  • A library of curated blog posts and podcast articles that will empower you with the tools you need to perfect your brand, promote your music, and consistently create great music.


We will launch this exciting new service next month. If you want to receive periodic updates, visit us here.

I’m excited to collaborate with you and I hope to see you inside!

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