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This podcast episode was birthed out of frustration. I’ve made mistakes while building a business that I thought I was doing for my audience. After these mistakes have left me feeling overwhelmed and stressed about creating what I love, I have made a formula that I will help you create new content for your audience that will (hopefully) help make their lives better.


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  • This industry is tough. Being a business person is tough. Growing your audience is tough. And not just growing your audience but reaching the right people so that you can make a difference in their lives. Reaching those people who a) have a problem that you can help b) resonate with your message or service and c) need help enough that they actively want to support you.
  • After building a service that I thought was perfect for songwriters, a professional business friend asked Jordan “That’s great, is it what people have been asking for?” It was then that he realized no one had flat out asked for these new services. In some ways, he was leading the charge by taking the service to a new level, but in others ways he was changing up the system that people were already using for no reason other than he thought it would help.
  • No good business gets past the brainstorming stages until it knows exactly what demographic they’re looking to attract with their goods and services. The best businesses will have it narrowed down to such a specific example that they can sometimes have ONE person in mind who is their target customer and know that everything that they say to that one imaginary person will translate perfectly to everyone they want to capture.
  • Who is your customer? Who is your audience? Once you have your audience in mind, you now know WHO you’re creating for, WHO will be listening, and WHO you want to help.
  • There’s a difference between who is showing emotional support and who is showing financial support. This isn’t just about money. But this IS about supporting yourself so that you can do what you love full time. So who are those people in your lives who believe in you enough to pay and what can you do to help their lives?
  • But also nurture the side of your audience that is young and will be a “fan for life” if you hook them early. You can do this by giving away music, being you, serving them if they can’t pay you, and not exaggerating or lying about anything. Build trust and you will grow your list of fans for life.
  • With these 2 sides — those who support you now and those who will support you later — How do you make their lives better?
  • Either give your audience what they’re asking for or something they’ve never seen before. It can’t be both simultaneously because no one will ask for something they haven’t seen before. Only you can provide that yourself. But that’s a major risk because, if no one has seen something before, it’s going to take that much more time to convince them that it’s something they need.
  • There’s no right or wrong to this, but now you have a formula that you can test. Each time you send a newsletter or put something on social media, know who it’s going to and what purpose it is serving. Are you sending something no one has ever seen before to your financial supporters? It might fall flat. But are you sending something no one has ever seen before to your future audience? If it’s free and exciting, they just might eat it up.

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