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This podcast is in 2 parts. I’m going to talk at you for a few minutes and then I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to play Brandon Barnett’s podcast, Episode 1 of Left of Nashville, within my podcast. You can’t not hear this. But first, I’m going to convince you that artists are entrepreneurs with startup businesses.


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  • Artists are not in competition with one another. Many businesses are but we are not. Why would we be? We want to see each other succeed because that is a win for art.

  • There are so many other variables after you release your art that the best you can do is to 1) create the best 2) listen to feedback without ego and 3) make adjustments. Step 1 of those is the only thing that will allow for ego. Allow yourself to create the best. Hold yourself to extremely high standards. You have to be a badass. But steps 2 and 3, listening to feedback and making adjustments will be the end of your project if you bring too much ego in.

  • This is the strategy of an entrepreneur. Formulate theories, execute on plans, get products out before they’re finished so that you can get feedback, take feedback without ego, and keep pushing, pushing, pushing. Artists are entrepreneurs. You have a startup and it is your job to get it to a point of knowing if it will succeed or not.
  • The most rewarding part of building a community is hearing that affirmation from someone who has been through what you’re describing. Someone who has found his or herself in the same situation and can relate with you. The second most rewarding experience of building a community is having that same person challenge your goals, your expectations, or your mindset.

  • Featured in this podcast: Episode 1 of Brandon Barnett’s “Left of Nashville.” It’s funny, it’s short, it’s real in the issues it discusses, it has great music, and he uses a lot of the same language that SOSstudio promotes such as thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur, and embracing naiveté.
  • Why is there a podcast within a podcast? Because you need a second opinion! You need to hear it from more than one source! You need to embrace being an entrepreneur and test your own theories. Everyone has opinions they will throw your way, invited or not. But those opinions help you decide what will work for you. You are your own boss, an army of one and you know yourself better than anyone else possibly can. So take these opinions and factor in what is helpful and factor out what is not. It’s just as valuable to learn what will work as it is to learn what won’t work. 

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