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You may have seen the gap between the last article and this article and thought “Where the heck did these guys go for two and half months?” Well, I’ll tell you.

Every summer, we like to take some time for ourselves and get back to our roots with “Songs On Sunday,” the project that got this whole idea started. This year, we recorded 14 songs in 14 weeks, featuring music from 9 different songwriters, 5 mixers, and 23 musicians + vocalists collaborating remotely.

We have 1 week to lay down our tracks on the songwriter’s scratch track for their song, and 1 week for the engineer and songwriter to “finalize” the mix for distribution. We stagger the weeks so that a new song is being recorded while the last song is being mixed. It was an incredibly fulfilling session with some fantastic songs from independent songwriters and a handful of new collaborators jumping in.

So that’s where the time went. As of next week, we will be back to dedicating time to our blog of DIY tips and business strategies for the independent artist.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.20.40 AMTo hear our Summer 2015 compilation in its entirety, you may hear the album on BandCamp or you can search for the individual songs on iTunes.

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