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The Will Overman Band is not a chart topper or a headliner …yet… which is why we’re setting out on a 2-part series to follow them as they promote an album, Die Where I Began, and start out on a rigorous schedule to book more gigs, grow their fan base, and generate more revenue. In 6 months, we’ll check back in and see what worked, what didn’t, and what they learned along the way.



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In this episode you will learn:

  • How Will shares the creative process in his band
  • Why it’s okay (and maybe better) not to immediately write lyrics
  • A quick resource for superior lyrics
  • How to crunch out an album when you only have 4 hours at a time.
  • The service Will chose to self-publish his music for digital distribution
  • The steps Will takes as the band’s manager and promoter to cover tour routes, new markets, and making sense economically
  • Planning for agents and bookers searching for his  band and what they’ll find
  • How Will organizes his press kit to maximize efficiency
  • The essentials for your Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
  • Why you need professional photos to book gigs
  • Examples of how to translate your EPK to your social media (hint: the answer is integrating photos)
  • The easiest way to connect with your audience daily
  • Why a good website trumps all other social media
  • The process, launch, and publicity Will wishes he’d done with his EP
  • How to use Facebook Ads to boost your band’s exposure

 Will Overman Band’s Goals:

  • Book more gigs, while still maintaining high quality
  • Book “smarter”
  • Update and Re-Launch Website
  • Blast website as main content hub, along with Facebook
  • Make more Will Overman Band products for people to buy
  • All merch. available for purchase on website
  • Using Facebook Ads for boosted awareness
  • Produce high-quality music video for YouTube
  • Song snippets, rehearsals, and outtakes on YouTube

Current Social Media Following:








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