WE ARE SOSstudio

A global network of musicians, vocalists, and engineers using state-of-the-art technology to bring our recording studios to you.

SOSstudio in 4 easy SOSsteps.


1. Hang Out

We meet online and talk over plan for your album, vibe, deadlines, etc…

2. Share

Our Producer helps you upload your tracks, charts, and lyrics to our SOSserver.

3. Collaborate

Our network of musicians & vocalists add their tracks from their professional home studios.

4. Finish It

Our Mixer hosts an online video session in which you listen, adjust, and approve your song in real time.

OUR GOAL is to help every emerging artist reach their full potential.  We do that by providing custom tracks, mixing, mastering, and promotion services for any-sized project.  We use state-of-the-art video technology to communicate so that it never feels like we’re spread out across the world…


We’re all in your living room and you have your finger on the pulse of your album every step of the way.


It’s SOSsimple.


An introduction to the SOS Founders.

Jordan Woods-Robinson

Jordan Woods-Robinson

Head Honcho

Actor, Musician, Husband, Father, Collaborator, Blue Man, Idea Generator, Puzzle Solver, Vegan, Wearer of Hats, Founder of SOSstudio, and Social Media Junkie.

Cory Maples

Cory Maples


Production, Mixing, Guitar. Metal to Bluegrass. Always learning, always moving forward. Creativity and passion = some damn good music.

Eric DeLima Rubb

Eric DeLima Rubb


Writer. Producer. Entrepreneur. Blue Man. Admirer of moustaches.
Colin Robinson

Colin Robinson


Originally from Toronto, Colin plays drums professionally both in the studio and live. Currently he performs full time with Blue Man Group in Orlando, Florida. His studio career is extremely diverse and has worked with Sony Music, Island Def Jam, Universal etc.

Damion Sanchez

Damion Sanchez


Drummer, Marketer, Instrument Collector, Language Geek, Bavarian League Baseball Player, Beer Afficionado, Lederhosen Wearer, Lives in Deutschland (which…no, does not mean Dutch Land)

Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper

Social Adventurer

London born – resident of the world. Actor, musician, vocalist, songwriter, Blue Man, part-time cowboy. Once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

Meet The Collaborators

 The Musicians, Vocalists, & Engineers that bring your album to life.


Our Values


SOSstudio will change the way you create music forever. Our network allows musicians and songwriters to record whole albums without ever leaving home.


The only way to truly collaborate is for everyone to be on the same page. With SOSstudio, everyone has all the same information, all at the same time.


More heads are better than one. SOSstudio has musicians worldwide prepared to put their best ideas into your album.


SOSstudio is composed of a network of professional home studios, meaning you create the same product by spending only a fraction of the time.

At SOSstudio, 

we don’t just record music.

We also write about, teach, share, analyze, promote, and nurture music.


The SOSspotlight

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Tips from the Inside: Rhythm

Journey of a Studio Collaborator As a Collaborator for SOS Studio I am faced with the rewarding challenge of never knowing exactly what project will land in front me from week to week….is it Bluegrass? Folk? Alternative? You get the idea… Being able to... read more

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