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Tom Player and Quinton Sheer have seen the highs and lows of being in the music and acting world, and now they are fighting the good fight to make sure entertainers don’t get screwed over. In this episode, the attorneys of Player Law will answer all of the most burning questions you have as an artist and musician.

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Molly Moore is a true DIY artist and creative entrepreneur putting in the time to create a name for herself. Her music is incredibly appealing and she has used SoundCloud to connect with, engage with, and grow her audience. In this podcast, she offers a great tip for reaching out to people with one word and also shines some insights on her creative writing process.

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Twitter is like an ocean and you are a pebble sinking to the ocean floor. But with the right tools, you can be a skipping stone bouncing over the water gaining more attention with each pass. Here are 11 tools that you won’t hear about from Twitter (that will make you a marketing guru).

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In this podcast, we sit down with independent artist and multiple-hat-wearer, Erick Macek. Erick truly embodies the artistic entrepreneur mentality and has great advice for ways to grow strong business connections by building lasting personal relationships. He shares experiences on music placement, the rules of crowdfunding, and being honest with everyone all the time.

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On January 5th, 2016, the world lost Liz Swados. If you search for her name, you’ll find broadway credits, Tony nominations, and dozens of projects she developed… but you’ll have to dig harder to find stories of how she created. It was about looking at your creative endeavors and feeling a part of a community. About showing everything you have to offer and not putting up a wall in return. And about focusing on the strength of others and using your art to save someone’s life.

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As we learned in last week’s podcast, your branding really starts with the photos you have. So how do you make sure you’re capturing the right look, working with the right photographer to capture that look, and bringing more to the table than just a pretty smile? Kristia Knowles, professional model and photographer has some great tips and tricks to share with anyone looking to get great shots.

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Is an artist website crucial as a central hub or redundant with all of the online marketing tools available to me these days? Will a website even bring in any money if my music is sold through iTunes and beyond? What are the do’s and don’ts of building a successful musician or band website that works for me? All of this and more in this episode.

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Most New Years Resolutions die young, but adapt this one word as a lifestyle, to get it so in your body that you don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s a tattoo that you wear in order to remind yourself where your priorities lie in 2016. Allow it to serve as a conduit, a wormhole, from your current state of “Oh, I don’t know, I just want to take some time off” into your goals for conquering 2016. (Also available as a video on YouTube)

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Your brain is hardwired to create. You couldn’t not do it if you tried. So, when you find yourself in those times of “having to create something,” give yourself permission to take the day off. Give your creative brain time to recharge. Enjoy your day. The creativity will come again. And probably stronger than if you had tried to force it. (A special short Christmas episode with 1 small stocking stuffer)

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The arts are about sharing stories and enriching the connection between your fellow humans. You can’t represent the world if you don’t know what’s going on in it. Giving back is another way to get a quick glimpse into those communities of which you are on the outside. (This list of free ways to give back is starving-artist-friendly… no credit card required)

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This podcast episode was birthed out of frustration. I’ve made mistakes while building a business that I thought I was doing for my audience. After these mistakes have left me feeling overwhelmed and stressed about creating what I love, I have made a formula that I will help you create new content for your audience that will (hopefully) help make their lives better.

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This podcast is in 2 parts. I’m going to talk at you for a few minutes and then I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to play Brandon Barnett’s podcast, Episode 1 of Left of Nashville, within my podcast. You can’t not hear this. But first, I’m going to convince you that artists are entrepreneurs with startup businesses.

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This is the first time I’ve had a fellow The Walking Dead cast mate on the show. Michael Traynor is best known as Nicholas Monroe on the show but, in this podcast, he is sharing his brilliant business-of-art skills, including how to see a bird’s eye view of your creative process and how to benefit from failure. (And we’ll talk TWD a bit)

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Mike Rayburn is a keynote artist using guitar and comedy to inspire people to become their own personal best. In this podcast, we talk about how he engages his audience (thousands of strangers at a time) and how one simple challenge from a friend has led him on a quest to become a self-made virtuoso in multiple parts of his life.

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Barrett Brooks, a brilliant mind focused on helping people build careers that matter, recently blasted a truth bomb that if we focus on each individual step of the work rather than the outcome of the entire goal, we will feel more fulfilled, more energized, and more confident. This episode will explore how we can break down our goals from big picture into the simplest tasks with 1 simple question.

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In this week’s podcast, we speak with Marcio Novelli, an award-winning songwriter, about his debut full-length album, his process for laying down a strong scratch track, and how to be creative and smart about promoting your brand. Marcio also asks some great questions as an expert in his field about our new service offering distribution, forums, and collaboration for great songwriters.

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As artists, how do we crosscheck what we are creating in order to make sure it’s leading us down the right path? In this podcast, Rob Lott shares a simple idea to “only add value.” Value to your audience, your fans, your craft, and yourself. If this is applied toward every creative and personal endeavor moving forward, you will emerge a better artist.

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As artists, it is an unfortunate understanding that our job is to create without the guarantee of reward. So what drives us to continue down our path? Proving something? Naïveté? Our wildest dreams? In this podcast, 10 artists share what makes them tick.

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Cliff Goldmacher wrote his first song 25 years ago and, of course, it was for a girl. Now he has over 1,000 song children and has collaborated with multi-platinum selling and Grammy winning artists. In this podcast, he shares his great thoughts on writing, collaborating, and the music industry.

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In an homage to This American Life, 15 artists share their most embarrassing and memorable moments on stage. From wardrobe malfunctions to dashed dreams, these artists lead us through the moments that everyone dreads and, yet, can never prepare for. (Hilarious and inspirational)

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No one’s life is ideal for setting up a routine. We all have roadblocks that will kick us off the path and prevent us from getting back on. Here’s a quick look (and a personal challenge) at why a personal routine needs to be simple, why it needs to be repeatable, how to make it effective.

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How do you be somewhere in a completely giving capacity? Without putting up a wall or putting on a character? Songs For Kids Foundation performs for kids suffering from illness and hardship. Josh Rifkind says often the answer is to “just be there, share some songs, and have a fun moment.” This podcast is incredibly inspirational and humbling.

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How can we use some of the same advertising, marking, and promotion tricks that have existed for decades to expand our personal brand and sell our products? Always aim for high quality in exchange for very little. This is how you build trust and gain fans for life.

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One of the hardest things about being an artist is that your JOB is to create. So how can you trick yourself into structuring, scheduling, and managing creativity? Click to hear the podcast and download our free eBook.

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We originally spoke with Will Overman in Session 5 and outlined some goals he had for his band. Since then, they have toured extensively, have been featured in Huff Post, and have grown their Facebook by 25%. Will has some great strategies that have put all of this into place and shared them with us.

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9 experts talk confidence, time management, self-branding, and strategies to harness the future of music. Sharpen your pencils and get ready.

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  [powerpress]   OOPS! In a routine maintenance, we accidentally deleted the show notes for this session. So here’s the podcast and we’ll have the show notes up ASAP! -SOS...

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This new iOS app links independent and up-and-coming artists with their listeners to soar to the top of the charts, gain followers and build their fan base.

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Music streaming services are taking over how consumer and fans listen to music so what does this mean for the musicians, songwriters, bands, and other independent artists who are featured on these sites?

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Periscope is a live-streaming tool for broadcasting to fans. Here are 9 reasons why it is a game-changing tool that needs to be in every artist’s toolbox.

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Eric deLima Rubb of Propared walks us through ‘Total Leadership’ and focusing on the creative time that is at the center of what we want to do as artists.

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In the 3rd installment of our CONFIDENCE series, studio drummer Colin Robinson shares how he reads a room, why artists should train like athletes, and the basics of charting out a new song.

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In this 2nd episode of our CONFIDENCE series, a performer discusses the process of grieving for a project that you’ve lost while getting back on your horse.

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1st episode in a 3-part series about strengthening CONFIDENCE: That tool that determines whether or not an artist will book a gig or create something great.

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How to build a structured collaboration network aimed at efficiency and convenience in order to keep inspiration and creativity at a maximum level.

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The last 9 episodes in 1 high-energy recap. Topics: EPKs, Endorsements, Branding, Collaborating, Journaling, Newsletters, Distrokid, ASCAP, and more…

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You think once you finish your record people will instantly buy it without you putting in any more work? You might want to check this out…

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Before jumping into a huge project it helps to hear the highs and lows of what someone went through before you. Part 1: Composing, tracking, and mixing.

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A Toronto-based Voice Actor explains how she turned people saying “Oh, you have such a cute little voice!” into a full-time job with a 6 figure income.

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You just finished your album and want to start playing live but you need to fill out your sound. Where do you turn?

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Paul Terry is an independent artist: solo musician, independent label, film composer, author, producer, music collaborator, and self-promotion expert.

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Fans express themselves differently and see love in various ways, just like the artists they support. No one way of reaching out will please everyone so we’ll discuss the myriad of ways to make sure you are connecting with, nurturing, and engaging your fan base.

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Bev Fowler and Rich Hannon are the Artist Relations team at Paul Reid Smith Guitars (PRS Guitars) and are here to share their insights from years of working with incredible musicians.

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Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is your digital handshake, your virtual eye contact. You have to make it count. Casie Lane talks about how she uses InDesign to create completely customized, interactive, engaging EPKs to share with promoters and agents so that they can continue to work for you, even when you’re not in the room.

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DRIP combines performing arts and visual arts designed to excite and move audiences. Jessica Mariko talks creative constraints, and thinking positive.

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The most actionable strategies from the last 9 podcasts, distilled into the simplest form using examples from the artists as well as new spins on the ideas. Hold on to your hat!

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Stephanie Christie is an Artist Manager and Publicist with a big heart and tons of advice. So everything in this episode is her giving you the power to take your publicity and branding into your own hands.

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Chris Smith, a born entertainer, discusses his journey of turning a hobby as a child into a clearly defined, marketable brand.

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Andy Wood talks about how he got hired by Rascal Flatts, how to secure and maintain an endorsement, and how to be true to YOU as an artist.

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A glimpse into Jordan Woods-Robinson’s audition process, social media strategies, and plans for the future. *No Spoilers*

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We’ll follow the Will Overman Band as they set out to promote an album, grow their fan base, and generate more revenue. In 6 months, we’ll see what worked and what didn’t.

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Brandon Drury of RecordingReview.com helps independent recording artists cut through their learning curve and get a better home recording immediately.

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PVC-playing Snubby J (Kent Jenkins) talks about building his own instrument, nurturing a following on YouTube, and turning a hobby into a brand.

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NYC-based actress/singer/songwriter/music director Shaina Taub discusses her multi-faceted career, strategies on self-promotion, and nurturing creativity.

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In the first episode of our podcast series interviewing successful artists on their self-promotion strategies, Erich Bergen discusses his great career.

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