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Paul Terry on Telling song stories, professional Collaborations, and Embracing Being Indepdent SOSstudio.co-Session15



Paul Terry is an independent artist with multiple solo albums, scores for award-winning films, an independent label, a handful of books he’s authored, and many producing credits. He walks us through the process from cataloguing the first spark of an idea to how he releases an album once it’s all curated.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • All of Paul’s projects are joined by one common thread: the enjoyment of telling stories
  • Why Paul is inspired by doing a little bit of everything each day: walking away from computer, picks up guitar
  • How Paul tricks himself into thinking like his audience in order to improve his product
  • Why Paul prefers to work with professional collaborators
  • He writes songs solo but then calls on collaborations for structuring the album
  • How writing an album is like curating a museum exhibit
  • He uses on his smart phone for recording a quick melody or rhythm to document the idea
  • Why Paul uses Bandcamp to hold multimedia: digital booklets, music, movies, artwork, other merchandise
  • Why the work starts for Paul after the album is mastered – press and beyond
  • Paul’s advice on releasing an independent album after it’s recorded



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Epinephrine on BandCamp (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Paul’s Website | Twitter | Facebook




Emily (Movie) by Caroline Harvey

The Furred Man (Movie) by Paul Williams

Care (Movie) by Tristan Aitchison

Sonic Highways on HBO by Dave Grohl

Frequent Collaborators:

James Bellamy

Tony Lewis

Tara Bennett



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