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Week 13 – ‘Introverted’ by Joseph Burke

buy Lyrica online india

It is the penultimate week of our Summer Session and it is the first time for a couple of years that we have heard a song like this. Joseph threw the song out to our collaborators and we finished up with a personal electronic ballad that has an entrancing, ‘other-worldly’ drama to it.

Take a listen to the podcast to hear the track and also hear Joseph talk about how fulfilling the journey from his initial idea to the finished product was. You can own this song, as you can all the others in this Summer’s session for just one single dollar by clicking on the shopping cart icon on the widget below.

Week 12 – ‘These Walls’ by Fox in the Fold

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Our Summer Session is nearing its close but not before we hear once again from Fox in the Fold. This is the second track written by Brendan Dalton this Summer and it is just as incredible as his first. Take a listen to the podcast to hear Brendan talk about how happy he was to get behind the piano again to write this song and how he was so pleased to hear the song unfold as the parts were recorded and submitted.

Week 11 – “Survive” by Myth Youth

buy Lyrica online australia

This song quickly took on a life of its own after Steven Wendt uploaded an open-ended structure of a drum groove, acoustic guitar, and a synth which we referred to as “Twinkle Twankle.” Steven’s goal was to open it up to the group and see what it eventually evolved into and, in the end, in took on a Reggae groove complete with lyrics and a mini bass solo.

Week 10 – “Beautifully Blue” by Shannon Fayth

buy me a boat lyrics

Shannon Fayth returns with her 3rd tune this session, a groovy soft rock ballad with an instrumental simplicity and focus on vocals similar to The Eagles. In the interview, Shannon gives some more insight on her writing style and how this 4.5 minute song was fully written in 9 minutes.

Beautifully Blue can be purchased to add to your collection for $1. That’s cheaper than buying Shannon a cup of coffee. (Which she doesn’t appear to need because she’s creating new songs at lightning speed.)

Week 9 – “All You Really Need” by Dan Carter

where to buy Lyrica cream

The beauty of Songs On Sunday is the ability for songwriters to test new vibes, write for specific sounds or voices, and to not feel like they have to take up space on their album in order to test their experiment. Dan Carter returns with his third track this summer, a bluesy folk groove that harnesses the power of Chris Hall’s saxophones, which were Dan’s driving force for wanting to write the semi-autobiographical song.

All You Really Need features many new collaborators to SOS, and if you want to show your support to this amazingly diverse community of artists, please consider buying the song for $1 to add to your collection. Til next time!

Week 6 – ‘Save Me’ by Tony Aguirre

buy Lyrica in canada

For our 6th release this summer we welcome back Tony Aguirre for another go in the writers’ chair. Tony had this idea knocking around in head for 10 years before a chance change-up of instrumentation helped him to find a new voice for the song and it all grew from there

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