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48: Giving Back

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The arts are about sharing stories and enriching the connection between your fellow humans. You can’t represent the world if you don’t know what’s going on in it. Giving back is another way to get a quick glimpse into those communities of which you are on the outside. (This list of free ways to give back is starving-artist-friendly… no credit card required)

43: What do I do first? The art of achieving goals.

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Barrett Brooks, a brilliant mind focused on helping people build careers that matter, recently blasted a truth bomb that if we focus on each individual step of the work rather than the outcome of the entire goal, we will feel more fulfilled, more energized, and more confident. This episode will explore how we can break down our goals from big picture into the simplest tasks with 1 simple question.

41: Only Add Value with Rob Lott

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As artists, how do we crosscheck what we are creating in order to make sure it’s leading us down the right path? In this podcast, Rob Lott shares a simple idea to “only add value.” Value to your audience, your fans, your craft, and yourself. If this is applied toward every creative and personal endeavor moving forward, you will emerge a better artist.

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