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Tube traps are beneficial for any recording, mixing, mastering, or high-end listening room or studio. In this DIY video, you’ll go step-by-step through building your own tube trap, which will save you money and time. These are hands down the best acoustic treatment you can make, transforming nearly any room into a professional studio space.

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SOSstudio has been busy working behind the scenes, restructuring our website and getting ready to welcome guests. In about a month, we are going to open our doors to great songwriters around the world who are writing great music. Songwriters who are engaging with their fans. Songwriters who are ready to take charge of their careers. We are building a membership community for songwriters.

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All too often, we buy into the hype of recording a song because it sounds catchy in our head. Only to realize that it may not have been our best work once we start laying down the tracks. Here are a few quick ideas to keep in mind before you dedicate your time and money to recording your next song.

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You're independent.

But you don't have to do this alone.

Weekly resources, tips, and tools for the independent recording artist.

You did it!

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