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Erick Macek on Music Placement, Crowdfunding, and Building Personal Relationships (Episode 54)

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In this podcast, we sit down with independent artist and multiple-hat-wearer, Erick Macek. Erick truly embodies the artistic entrepreneur mentality and has great advice for ways to grow strong business connections by building lasting personal relationships. He shares experiences on music placement, the rules of crowdfunding, and being honest with everyone all the time.

A Tribute to Liz Swados or “How I Saved Someone’s Life” (Episode 53)

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On January 5th, 2016, the world lost Liz Swados. If you search for her name, you’ll find broadway credits, Tony nominations, and dozens of projects she developed… but you’ll have to dig harder to find stories of how she created. It was about looking at your creative endeavors and feeling a part of a community. About showing everything you have to offer and not putting up a wall in return. And about focusing on the strength of others and using your art to save someone’s life.

DIY Custom Download Cards

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Download cards can be super powerful (and super affordable). In this video, you'll learn how to design a great-looking card, supercharge it to track downloads, and automatically grow your newsletter each time someone downloads your music.

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52: Headshot Tips from Professional Photographer Kristia Knowles

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As we learned in last week’s podcast, your branding really starts with the photos you have. So how do you make sure you’re capturing the right look, working with the right photographer to capture that look, and bringing more to the table than just a pretty smile? Kristia Knowles, professional model and photographer has some great tips and tricks to share with anyone looking to get great shots.

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