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Your brain is hardwired to create. You couldn’t not do it if you tried. So, when you find yourself in those times of “having to create something,” give yourself permission to take the day off. Give your creative brain time to recharge. Enjoy your day. The creativity will come again. And probably stronger than if you had tried to force it. (A special short Christmas episode with 1 small stocking stuffer)


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  • I’ve got a little post that I put on Twitter every once in a while that says “Remember: Your creative brain needs downtime to recharge. Enjoy your day. The creativity will come again.” I mean for it to be a bit of solace for anyone who feels like they need to force their creativity. From personal experience, I know that deadlines can be extremely helpful for specific goals and can sometimes be that extra kick in the pants that you need in order to create something really awesome. But, when I find myself stressing out about being creative in general, when I feel the pressure to create something, ANYTHING just because I feel like I have to, that’s when it loses some of its magic. So allow yourself a day off.

  • Yes, I post many things multiple times. The fact is only about 10-12% of your audience will see a specific social media post at any given time. So simple math suggests that you have to reshare it at different times of the day and on different days in order for you to reach a larger percentage of your audience. 

  • I recycle my evergreen content. What is evergreen content you may ask? It’s little quips like this tweet that can exist on any day at any time and still be relevant. Something that is NOT relevant, for example is, “My CD is coming out this Tuesday, click here to pre-subscribe!” But sending people links to your newsletter or website, sending out quotes, free music, inspirational or informative thoughts, are all examples of evergreen content. And those, to a certain extent, may be sent out whenever you’d like in order to reach and engage with more of your audience.

  • In order to do this, it needs to be automatic or else you’re going to be sitting at your computer all day every day getting tweets ready to go out. I use a service called TweetJukebox.com. It links with your Twitter and you can sign up with the click of a button. Inside, you can build lists of tweets that you want to go out including links, hashtags, pictures, @names and anything else that will get you up to 140 characters. Once you save it within TweetJukebox, you can determine how often it will randomly choose evergreen content to post to your Twitter page. For example, I’m experimenting with something going out 4 times a day between the hours of 8 AM to 8PM. I’ve seen ok results and I continue to get engagement with pretty much everything that goes out. But I’m only doing it this often because I have enough content for TweetJukebox to pull from without repeating the exact same things over and over and over. If you do this, you risk becoming white noise and people won’t pay attention at all.

  • Currently, I have 108 pre-defined tweets and I’ve told TweetJukebox not to repeat anything within a 3 week period. So worst case scenario if someone DOES see the same thing multiple times, there’s been at least 3 weeks that have passed between. And think of this as a consumer. Do you get weirded out when you see someone say the same thing? Does it bother you at a core level and make you want to unfollow them? No, right? I don’t think anyone is that concerned about it and, if anything, someone might be more likely to click the second or third time they see something because it feels more familiar or it just catches them at a better time to check it out. 

  • So there is nothing evil about this, it is simply another tool to ensure that you are reaching your audience with helpful information. Don’t abuse the system, be smart about what you send out, make sure to tag the appropriate people so that they want to help, and you’ve just taken a ton of pressure off of yourself for creating new content every single day on Twitter.

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